Jawaharlal Nehru University

Jawaharlal Nehru University was established in 1969 primarily for post graduate teaching and research in both natural and social sciences. It is a premier University in India with over 7000 students and 600 faculty completely funded by the Central Government. Most of the social science and science Schools are recognised as Centres of Excellence by the University Grants Commission.

The School of Biotechnology was set up in 1985 as part of the first six Universities to start a Biotechnology programme. It has a Master’s programme where students are selected from an All India examination with over 10,000 applications and a PhD programme which has presently around 80 students. Faculty research areas are very diverse which include; Infectious diseases and vaccine development, cell biology, molecular biology, microbiology, virology, computational biology, biophysical chemistry and bioprocess engineering among others.


K.J. Mukherjee did his B.Tech in Chemical engineering from IIT Kanpur followed by an M.Tech and PhD in Biochemical Engineering from IIT Delhi. He has been teaching at the School of Biotechnology JNU from 1991 where he is currently a Professor. His research interests are in Bioprocess optimization and scale up. His primary interest is in designing host platforms for over-expressing metabolites and recombinant proteins and linking then with bioprocess strategies for overproduction.  The work involves metabolic engineering of host pathways and rational design using structured modelling approaches. Kinetic modelling using on-line and offline tools are also used to monitor cellular physiology in a bioreactor and predict its performance.