Our overall aim is the pilot-scale development of a microbial based process able to convert rice straw-derived sugars into the advanced biofuels butanol and alkanes.


  1. identification and characterisation of biomass processing enzymes for the deconstruction of pre-treated rice straw
  2. design and implementation of metabolic pathways for the production of advanced biofuels in Geobacillus,  and;
  3. process development scale-up of engineered strains resulting from (ii) using sugar-rich hydrolysate feedstocks that arise from the outputs of (i)

  • background

    India and the UK face similar challenges in producing sustainable and cost-effective biofuels from lignocellulose.


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  • activities

    Our overall aim will be accomplished by implementing 3 workpackages.

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  • interactions



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  • outputs

    The outcome of RICEFUEL will be Indian-based, cost-effective, scaled fermentation processes for the microbial (Geobacillus and Clostridia)  production of butanol and alkanes using rice straw as a feedstock.

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